My portfolio contains information on all aspects of my career and shares my vision of how a course should be managed. The work of a superintendent is usually defined by how his course is viewed and played. This website allows you to virtually share in what I have seen during my time on the course. Click on 'Experience' above in the links to begin after this introductory page.


My philosophy is to provide an enjoyable course while maintaining
strict standards for conditioning and playability

This philosophy should be accomplished while working within the clubs financial means, without compromising turf health for the future of the club. I believe in providing firm and fast course conditions obtained by sound agronomic practices and water management. Aggressive aerification and topdressing in early spring and fall months supplemented during the season with venting and verticutting as needed, with light frequent topdressing, are all keys to meeting the goals of membership and the club overall.

World-Class event preparation and hosting experience is critical to understanding how to deliver tournament conditions at my club

While everyday course prep on your home facility can be demanding, the effort required to prepare for special events adds even more importance to how the course is maintained. For member events, this can mean planning ahead weeks and months to ensure proper results and conditions. Yet for bigger events like the PGA Tour, it takes years of planning and an army of volunteers to create what is seen on television. Even though such large events are out of the ordinary for normal clubs, you can still learn a plethora of information that can be scaled to your specific operation and how to improve preparations and playability for any event.


I have had the opportunity to host and volunteer at several world class events, including the US Women's Open and Barclays, gaining excellent insight and also building a superb network of industry peers from which to build a successful career. Being associated with these events, and the USGA/PGA Tour, has given me tremendous experience in tournament preparations and hosting and I appreciate the impact it has had on my life, both professional and personal.

• Proven track record touting years of progressive leadership responsibilities at high-end golf clubs

• Work within budgetary limits while still delivering optimum, tournament quality conditions everyday

• Execute construction projects through well-honed detail-driven management

• Solid leadership ability and adept motivation and training skills, positive work ethic and attitude

• Strong abilities to drive transparency, accountability and education of members on course conditions